A frequently asked question regarding PABCO® Roofing Products is, “Why do PABCO Premier asphalt shingles have tapered teeth instead of flared teeth like most other asphalt shingles?” This is not only the most frequently asked question but one of our favorite stories to tell contractors and consumers alike. 

Several years ago, the PABCO Roofing Products production team designed our first laminated shingle, PABCO Premier®. The team wanted something that was unique but stylish. They wanted to be different from other asphalt roofing options available, so a homeowner would have a unique-looking shingle for their home, but they also were challenged to create a classic look that would stand the test of time on a house, since asphalt shingles typically stay on a rooftop for decades. The team needed to be innovative to create an asphalt product that was as aesthetically pleasing as a traditional shake roof shingle but not be an exact repeat of another roofing shingle.

PABCO roofing products on a house

After conducting considerable competitive product research, the team came to the conclusion that all the other laminated shingles on the market had square or flared teeth. After a period of time and testing, they were able to create an elegant design with tapered teeth that was truly unique and stood apart from the crowded rooftops. The new shingle was a big hit with contractors and consumers. The distinctive design also minimized patterning, to achieve the desired aesthetics. As PABCO’s team was working through the new shingle design, it occurred to them that a tapered tooth may be less likely to trap the usual dirt and debris that lands on a rooftop, which could be helpful for a cleaner roof. In other words, PABCO’s production team nailed it (pun intended). 

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials on the market today for several reasons, so being able to provide an innovative with a common product is, well, remarkable. Just like our tagline states, “Remarkable products, exceptional people”. Now you know the story of PABCO Roofing Products and the tapered tooth…sort of our signature cut, so to speak. Share this with your family and friends. Everyone loves a great roofing story, right?!

If you want more information on our tapered teeth shingle or to find a contractor that installs PABCO asphalt shingles near you to come to your home and show you samples, give us a shout, and we’ll connect you with a quality contractor in your region.

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