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Is this your fairytale house? A story about Cascade Asphalt Shingles.

Historical homes are extraordinary; when you pass by a house that looks like it came out of a storybook or fairytale, you may feel nostalgic. For many of us, childhood memories of stories full of castles and cottages are pleasant times in our lives. Shingles are essential for a house with a sloped roof reminiscent of a gingerbread house or turrets or towers. Homeowners and historical societies uphold the obligation to keep these landmarks intact and often seek roofing materials that preserve the original aesthetics of these timeless architectural treasures. PABCO Roofing feels the same way about historic homes, and we proudly manufacture an exceptional product to protect and honor the unique design, our Cascade diamond-shaped Signature Cut shingles.

The story of the diamond-shaped shingle

As Sid Dinwiddie, PABCO Roofing’s former Technical Services Manager, explains, “In every Captain’s seaport along the California Coast, there are beautiful, old Victorian homes, and we wanted to create a shingle that honored that style.” To understand how we develop the diamond shape as the solution, we need to go back in time before Cascade, asphalt shingles, and talk about a previous product, PABCO Precise®.

Precise was also a diamond shape asphalt shingle with a line appearing in the middle of the diamond. We manufactured Precise on our standard laminated shingle line; the shingle had great aesthetics, but it wasn’t easy to manufacture. Contractors took extra time and cared to lay correctly on the roof. Roofers who push the envelope and like to try different looks loved the Precise asphalt shingle. At this time, PABCO Roofing had just installed a new manufacturing line to produce open-tooth shingles. Looking for inspiration from our team, we were on a mission to create something unique. 

“We wanted something with structure. I was in Colorado and saw many homes with the old Dutch Lap and T-Loc shingles, and I liked the structure of that look.” But not exactly that look. Then the Eureka moment: “Can we make a shingle that looks like Precise but has more structure?” remembers Rebecca Newman, Plant Manager.

Cascade shingles, close up. Available with or with our Algae defender.

More than a pretty face

But Cascade wasn’t just a great-looking shingle. It is easy to manufacture, with a no-waste process and is simple for contractors to install. Our team did a great job creating Cascade; we listed the team members’ names on the U.S. design patent award for the product.

Cascade is often specified for roofs on historic buildings or for homes in historic neighborhoods. But if you’re after an impactful and unique design, it’s an excellent choice for new construction or remodeling. For full impact, we highly recommend Cascade on steeper pitched roofs. Cascade asphalt shingles are iconic structures and styles. Reach out to PABCO Roofing if you’re looking for Cascade or our other premium asphalt shingles; give us a call today (253-272-0374) or leave a comment below.

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