PABCO Roofing Visualizer

A roofing visualizer is a tool homeowners can use to see what a new roof will look like before they invest in roofing products. Likewise, roofing contractors can use these programs to show products to potential homeowner customers. It’s a great way to think about what style and color of roofing shingle will best suit your home. Before your preferred roofing contractor installs your new roof you might ask them if they use a visualizer.

Why use a roofing visualizer?

Roofing materials like asphalt shingles are a significant expense and investment for most homeowners. It’s in the best interest of both the roofing contractor and their customer to get a preview. Showing what the finished work might look like on an individual’s residence is a great way to sell roofing. 

The Design Your Roof tool is PABCO Roofing Products’ custom shingle visualizer. This tool allows you to try out different shingles, trim, and other features to get the perfect look for your home. You can upload a photo of your own home to test it out. Or use one of the many sample home projects to get an idea then browse through various options. 

With a roofing visualizer like’s Design Your Roof tool, you can also see how different types of asphalt shingle roofing products and colors will look side by side if you’re trying to decide between two or more asphalt shingle product options. For example, you can choose between a diamond shape shingle like Cascade or a more traditional architectural look and play with all the options before purchasing. Another example is maybe you’ve decided on Paramount Advantage, but you’d like an idea of what Pewter Gray would look like versus the Antique Black option. Again, using the roofing visualizer helps you get a better view of your choices. 

A new roof is a big decision

As we mentioned before, we realize that choosing the right product is a big decision. Most homeowners may only have to choose roofing once or twice in their lifetime. Can’t decide right now? Roofing contractors and homeowners can create complimentary accounts and save multiple projects. You can always come back later and take another look. Would you like to get another opinion? The Design Your Roof tool gives you options to share your project. You can instantly post the project to your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest channels. And you can even email a copy of the project to a friend or potential customer. 

Our roofing visualizer is a free option that allows someone to get an idea of what style and color of PABCO Roofing Products would best suit a home before making a final decision. Go to Design Your Roof | PABCO Roofing Products and try it today! 

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